Our Story

NIOION TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD is a system integration platform for multiple intelligent technologies.

Nioion Technology’s strengths in research and development are dedicated to the development and integration of intelligent motor drive control systems, high-efficiency battery management systems, intelligent application systems for integrated materials, and the design and packaging of lithium battery modules. The innovative combination of “MCU + BMS + PACK +IoT” advanced intelligent system integration platform with five key modules provides a highly efficient and reliable one-stop comprehensive system solution for the new fields of energy-driven electric vehicles and intelligent multi-components.—RideOS™。

Based on advanced electric drive system integration platform and core scientific and technological advantages of a number of innovative invention patents, Liyang Technology develops and launches an electric assist bicycle intelligent cycling drive system that realizes the “human-machine sensing interaction” function through integrated intelligent hardware

Nioion has the advantages of SLS (laser selective sintering technology) large tabletop rapid prototyping system, and masters the advanced manufacturing technology of paraffin, sand mold, and polymer material printing equipment with complete independent intellectual property rights; for aerospace, weaponry, and automotive The industrial prototype development projects in high-end applications such as components, shipbuilding industry, pump valves, and medical industries provide high-precision 3D printing and rapid prototyping services in conjunction with precision casting.

Nioion Technology was founded in the Zhigu Software Park in Taizhou City.
Nioion Technology won the second prize of “Zone Venture Innovation Competition”.
Nioion Technology was successfully selected for the 2016 “Taipei High-level Innovation and Entrepreneurial Talent (Team) Introduction Plan”.
Nioion Technology is about to open a new 3D printing service and manufacturing base in the Hi-tech Zone.

Our Skills

  • Intelligent Technology Development

  • Branding

  • Development

  • International trade


Avery Liu