Nioion smart electric assist bicycle sine wave torque driver

  • Intelligent identification of motor parameters, intelligent tuning of control parameters
  • Intelligent motor temperature control, intelligent temperature control of the drive
  • Sensorless intelligent operation (no Hall)
  • Torque sensor + smart bracelet sensing human body adaptive
  • Intelligent phase sequence, APP mobile terminal self-setting, electronic control software cloud upgrade

Nioion high power

Electric car brushless motor closed-loop vector driver

Seven core technology performance advantages
  1. Start-up characteristics: smooth start, high torque control accuracy, high torque output at zero speed or low speed
  2. Eliminate clearance: Preset current control eliminates mechanical clearance between the motor output shaft and the reducer or differential
  3. Overload characteristics: good climbing performance, overload capacity up to 4 times of rated torque, and continuous overload capability
  4. Running noise: The electromagnetic noise of the motor is very small during the movement, and can be completely ignored when driving outdoors.
  5. Endurance: long range, high efficiency (more than 80%), and real-time monitoring of battery status, power optimization control
  6. Battery temperature control: Automatically reduce output current when overheating, continuous overload, etc., protect motor and driver
  7. Battery protection: Real-time monitoring of bus voltage and bus current, timely protection of undervoltage, and limiting bus current to avoid over-discharge