Base on laser sintering technology, the printer use resin sand and the disappeared melting mold as the molding material, and then through the combination with the casting technology, making the engine block, cylinder head, turbine, impeller and other complex components. Equipment can form to large size, with high efficiency, high precision printing (automatic feeding, two-way powder), not affected by the complexity of parts, no need to open tooling, can directly print wax mold, sand mold, all kinds of plastic pieces and so on.

Large forming space NIO-1000

NIO-1000 molding system can make the part as large as 700mm * 700mm * 500mm, can be used to make conventional size components withoutnecessity for subsequent stitching process

Stable performance

NIO-1000 use automatic feeding, two-way powder, powder performance is more stable, the speed of finished products has improved significantly.

Diverse features

NIO-1000 can print a variety of plastic samples, casting wax mold and sand mold, with the traditional combination of the perfect casting industry, no need to open tooling, greatly shorten the period of R & D and trial cycle for casting various parts.

Strong development capability

In order to meet the customer’s requirement of developing new materials, the sintering parameters are all transparency, the user can replace a variety of powder, the customer can determine the strength of parts, details, surface and other attributes.




CO2Lasers 55W/100W

Scanning system

High-precision scanning galvanometer (including dynamic focus)

Scanning speed


Forming size


Stratified thickness


Feeding mold

Automatic feeding, two-way powder

Forming materials

PS. Wax powder and resin sand

Operating system

Windows 7

Controlling software

NIOION Rapidos software system

Gas supply

Compressed air

Data Format

STL file or other convertible format

Power and consumption

380V 15KW

Equipment Dimensions (MM)


Ambient temperature

Operating temperature 15-30 ℃

Application areas

Auto manufacturer
Machinery manufacturing
Medical care
culture and art