Torkex PACK 锂电模组封装 一站式 电动交通+能源+物联网的智能系统集成解决方案。 MCU 电机控制系统
Embrace The Wave of The Electric Drive Era

In 1834, Thomas Davenport built the world’s first electric vehicle powered by a set of non-rechargeable dry batteries. From that moment on, mankind has opened the historical prelude to the development of electric-driven travel vehicles that spanned two centuries.

Today, electric-driven vehicles have been used in a wide range of areas including daily travel transportation. From electric vehicles with a cruising range of more than 500 kilometers to electric bicycles and electric scooters for the last mile commute in the city; from electric scooters for middle-aged and elderly people and disabled people with assisted mobility to electric wheelchairs; from maintaining a clean city Environmental electric sanitation vehicles to various types of special electric engineering vehicles…The vehicles based on electric drive technology have become an important key industry that promotes the development of human society. We believes that the extremely fast-evolving electric drive technology gives great significance to the present and the future, and actively welcomes the wave of the electric drive era. NIOION Technologies is committed to the ultimate goal of building a “one-stop intelligent electric drive system integration platform”, comprehensively develops and integrates electric drive “three electrics” and IoT and artificial intelligence key module technologies, and strives to provide more advanced electric drive vehicles. Technology, stronger performance and more optimized overall solutions.