Torkex Torkex

Bottom axis torque sensor

This product is an electric-assisted bicycle control component, an intelligently-assisted electric bicycle pedal torque signal acquisition mechanism. Together with the controller and control panel, it forms the control system of the intelligent power-assisted electric bicycle. The real-time torque signals of the left and right feet are detected in real time to achieve proportional power-assisted control and meet the riding control needs of electric bicycles in Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions.
    • A number of inventions and utility model patents are protected, of which ZL 2019 2 1361002.8 has been granted a patent;
    • Patented torque signal acquisition technology, no intermediate deformable body, reliable structure and stable performance;
    • Patented piezoelectric signal acquisition technology realizes non-contact signal conversion, and piezoelectric devices are not limited by fatigue strength indicators;
    • The signal output changes with the left and right pedaling force, and is only affected by the left and right pedaling force, with strong anti-interference ability, high sensitivity and wide output range;
    • The installation size is adapted to the 68mm standard bottom bracket, which is easy to install and has good versatility; special bottom bracket specifications can be customized by non-standard;
    • Reasonable outlet position ensures that the output cable will not be damaged during sensor installation;
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