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NIOION TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD is a one-stop system integration platform integrating multiple intelligent technologies.

Nioion Technology’s elite technology research and development team is committed to the intelligent and efficient drive control system of permanent magnet brushless DC motors, high-performance torque sensing systems, intelligent charging systems, IoT cloud platform systems, power and energy storage lithium battery module systems The development and integration of new energy, the innovative construction of an advanced intelligent one-stop system integration platform with five key modules of “eDriver+Sensor+ePower+AI+IoT”, which provides efficient And reliable comprehensive system solutions. Facing the future, Nioion Technology bursts out R&D strength for breakthroughs, and actively develops into the field of artificial intelligence and its branch computer vision.

Based on the mature electric drive system integration platform and the core technological advantages of a number of innovative invention patents, Nioion Technology has strategically combined with China’s top carbon fiber material companies to develop and launch carbon fiber + electricity based on integrated intelligent hardware to achieve the function of “human-machine sensor interaction”. Powered by the intelligent vehicle brand—RideOS™. Nioion Technology is determined to achieve the strategic vision of “global quality” and “global brand”, and firmly develops into an outstanding technological elite enterprise with abundant innovation vitality.

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