With the development of the times, the average life expectancy of the population has also been greatly extended, which has led to a serious aging of the global population. my country has also entered an aging process. At present, the number of elderly people in my country is about 300 million. , There are nearly 200 million people with disabilities. The aging of foreign countries is not optimistic. The proportion of aging in all countries is close to 30%, and even more than 30%. This means that we will face a trend of a drastic reduction in the labor force, resulting in more and more elderly people in need of care. Whether it is the elderly or people who have lost the ability to walk, it is not good for our future economic development. Such a huge special group needs the care of society, especially psychological and physical means of transportation. Therefore, nioion Technology joined the electric wheelchair research project and made considerable improvements from the hardware to the software of the electric wheelchair. Most electric wheelchair structures can be divided into: frame system, power supply system, drive system and control system.

Frame system

The biggest difference of the frame is the design of the material and structure. After in-depth research on the structure and material of traditional manual wheelchairs, nioion Technology chose aluminum alloy for production, which made the frame lighter and more compact. It has optimized and innovated the structure of its safety, seat feeling, load-bearing and appearance. After hundreds of attempts, a reasonable electric wheelchair frame structure has been found. The wheelchair frame of the same material has different structural design, completely different ride comfort, and completely different service life of the wheelchair. Our electric wheelchairs have also added many different accessories, such as: enhanced weight bearing, special cushion and backrest, neck support system, rear seat shopping basket and so on.


power supply system

nioion Technology has a huge lithium battery production plant, which provides absolute protection for lithium batteries for electric wheelchairs. Lithium batteries have strong durability, slow consumption, charge and discharge up to more than 500 times, and have no memory, and their service life is about 3-5 years; lithium batteries are generally 2-6 kilograms and relatively small in size, so they are light and easy to ride. Convenient transportation; due to the light weight of the lithium battery, the vehicle has a smaller weight, more power saving, and a longer cruising range.

Drive System

In the past 30 years, the research on the variable frequency speed regulation of asynchronous motors is, in the final analysis, looking for methods to control the torque of asynchronous motors. The rare earth permanent magnet brushless DC motors are bound to have wide speed regulation, small size, high efficiency and steady-state speed. Features such as small errors show advantages in the field of speed regulation. Brushless DC motor is also known as DC frequency conversion because it has the characteristics of DC brushed motor and is also a device of frequency change. The international common term is BLDC. The operating efficiency, low-speed torque, and speed accuracy of the brushless DC motor are better than those of any control technology inverter, so it is worthy of the industry’s attention. The electric wheelchair is directly driven by a DC brushless motor, so it has a simple structure, light weight, and can be folded to facilitate pre-transportation and outdoor activities.

Control System

A new generation of intelligent wheelchairs equipped with artificially operated intelligent controllers that can drive the wheelchair to complete forward, backward, steering, standing, lying, and other functions. It is a high-tech combination of modern precision machinery, intelligent numerical control, engineering mechanics and other fields. Technology Products. An electric wheelchair is a wheelchair with an electric motor and a means of navigation control added. Usually a small joystick is mounted on the armrest instead of manual power wheelchair movement. Depending on the control mode, there are joysticks, heads or blow-suction systems, and other switches.

With the continuous acceleration of my country’s aging process and the continuous increase in the demand for wheelchairs by the disabled, the development of my country’s wheelchair market continues to improve. As a segment of wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs have benefited from consumption upgrades. In recent years, they have also achieved rapid growth. development of. At present, my country’s wheelchair market is mainly concentrated on low-end products, while the demand for mid-to-high-end products mainly depends on foreign imports, and the rise of electric wheelchairs will meet the domestic market demand for mid- and high-end wheelchairs to a certain extent. In short, the future development of my country’s electric wheelchair market is huge.