Torkex Torkex

Six advantages of torkex sensors

This product is an electric-assisted bicycle control component, an intelligently-assisted electric bicycle pedal torque signal acquisition mechanism. Together with the controller and control panel, it forms the control system of the intelligent power-assisted electric bicycle. The real-time torque signals of the left and right feet are detected in real time to achieve proportional power-assisted control and meet the riding control needs of electric bicycles in Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions.

Innovative patent force measurement

Fifteen years of experience in research and development of key components of electric bicycle mechanical engineering and core technology of torque sensors have accumulated ingenuity and innovation.

High signal sensitivity

Patented torque signal acquisition technology, no intermediate deformable body scheme, reliable structure, perfect signal acquisition consistency, and stable performance.

High signal consistency

Patented piezoelectric signal acquisition technology, innovative non-contact force measurement signal acquisition, the sensor is not limited by fatigue strength indicators.

High repeat stability

The signal output changes with the left and right pedaling forces, and is only affected by the left and right pedaling forces, with strong anti-interference ability, high sensitivity and wide output range.

Simple and reliable structure

The installation size is perfectly adapted to the 68mm standard bottom bracket, 360° random and no special angle positioning requirements, high versatility and easy installation.

Easy to install

The reasonable outlet position ensures easy and quick installation of the sensor, and at the same time it is reliable and meticulous to avoid damaging the signal output cable.

  • Innovative patent force measurement

  • High signal sensitivity

  • High signal consistency

  • High repeat stability

  • Simple and reliable structure

  • Easy to install

Effective pedal torque range 0—60N.m
Corresponding to pedal torque output signal DC 0.8—3.0V linear signal
Foot pedal reverse rotation output signal 5V high level logic signal
Protection level IP65