PACK 锂电模组封装 PACK 锂电模组封装 PACK 锂电模组封装
Nioion Universal Lithium-ion battery high-voltage and small-capacity standard module system

Horizontal comparison with existing non-universal non-standard modular battery modules

Lithium battery modules currently on the market


Nioion Universal Lithium Battery High Voltage and Small Capacity Standard Module System
3.6V-120Ah is a unit 48V-20Ah is a unit
111 units required Only 48 units required
112 serial connections required 6 units are connected in parallel to 48V-120AH, and 8 units are connected in series to 48V-120AH
Poor versatility, different modules need to be developed for different capacities Strong versatility, different capacities can be directly realized through parallel connection, and the 48V system is more versatile, with high flexibility of application
A single module cannot be applied separately A single module can be applied separately