The world’s first lithium battery electric assisted bicycle was launched in Japan in 1993. The penetration rate of electric assisted bicycles in Japan has been quite high, and it has gradually become an indispensable travel tool in people’s lives. In the center of European bicycle culture, it is surprising that the number of bicycles has seen a negative growth, but the shortage of electric-assisted bicycles has grown steadily. In Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and other countries, the growth of electric-assisted bicycles has reached nearly 50%, and it is still increasing.


Pedelec is composed of pedal (pedal) and electric (electric), so it needs “manpower + electricity” to drive, and electricity is an effective solution to the problem of more laborious riding bicycles, plus manpower, As a result, the electric-assisted bicycle can ride farther.

The core technology of the electric bicycle is a hybrid model of “manpower + electricity”, and it can also be driven solely by manpower. Electric-assisted bicycles have the lightness and convenience of bicycles, and can make up for the lack of power when the bicycle goes uphill, headwind, and loads. It is based on a traditional bicycle, equipped with a torque sensor as the core power system, equipped with a motor and a lithium battery. The biggest difference from an electric bicycle (eMule) is that it does not adjust the power by turning the handle, but uses a torque sensor to sense the strength of the rider’s pedaling, judge according to the size of the manpower, and provide the rider with corresponding power.


Liyang Technology is committed to R&D and innovation. It has rich experience and excellent technology in torque sensors. The company has developed a special “torque sensor” for electric power-assisted bicycles. It has mastered core technology and corresponding algorithms, and has won many companies Attention and cooperation. At the same time in terms of lithium batteries, Liyang Technology has a lithium battery production base and a strong R&D and production team to strengthen the product innovation of lithium batteries, thereby promoting the industry and upgrading of electric-assisted bicycles.

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