MCU 电机控制系统 MCU 电机控制系统 MCU 电机控制系统 MCU 电机控制系统

Five Advantages

Highly reliable performance

In the invalid state of the wheelchair motor Hall, the normal operation of the wheelchair can still be ensured.

High smooth performance

The wheelchair has excellent smooth and smooth maneuverability for starting and turning.

Ultra-low power performance

Compared with similar electronic control, the power consumption of wheelchair robe brakes is more than 50% lower and more power-saving.

High scalability

The wheelchair can provide the user's mobile phone with the charging function, and the thoughtful details allow the user to enjoy the convenience and convenience.

Custom driving mode

The wheelchair driving mode can be customized according to the user's preference and comfort level, and the hanging control is smart and free.

  • Highly reliable performance

  • High smooth performance

  • Ultra-low power performance

  • High scalability

  • Custom driving mode

NIOION Wecom™ V1.0 System
Rated Value Continuous Output Current 30A
Main Circuit Input Voltage Range 18-50V
Max. Output Current 30A
Technical Specifications Working Conditions Use / Storage Temperature O°C-50°C / -25°C-55°C
Use / Storage Temperature Below 90%RH (No Condensation)
Vibration/Shock Resistance 4.9m/s² / 19.6m/s²
Protection Level IP67
Control Method SVPWM - Sine Wave Current Drive Method
Sensor Hall sensors, Hall-Less
Protective Function Overcurrent, Overload, Undervoltage