Seven Advantages

Startup characteristics

Start-up is stable, torque control accuracy is high, and large torque can be output at zero speed or low speed.

Eliminate gaps

The preset current control can eliminate the mechanical gap between the motor output shaft and the reducer or differential.

Overload characteristics

The climbing performance is good, the overload capacity is more than 4 times the rated torque, and the continuous overload capacity is strong.

Running noise

The electromagnetic noise of the motor during exercise is very small, and it can be completely ignored when driving outdoors.


Long cruising range, high efficiency (above 80%), wide range and real-time monitoring of battery status and power optimization control.

Battery temperature control

It can automatically reduce the output current to protect the motor and the drive in the case of overheating, continuous overload and other conditions.

Battery protection

Real-time monitoring of the bus voltage and current to protect the undervoltage voltage in time, and limit the bus current to avoid excessive discharge.

  • Startup characteristics

  • Eliminate gaps

  • Overload characteristics

  • Running noise

  • Endurance

  • Battery temperature control

  • Battery protection